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Computer manufacturers began to cut corners bear the raw material cost pressures

Price of wind has been no hindrance from the "four bags of apples," Apple's fourth generation who blew him. Yesterday, a large domestic PC manufacturers insider told this reporter, as memory, LCD panels and plastic and other raw materials prices rose sharply, the company has notified the downstream customer price increases, price rises of about 3%.

Moreover, in order to combat rising costs, the large PC manufacturers have resorted to "Anything Else": "some of the products of the chassis into a 20 liters from 25 liters." The insiders said. He also said that product costs are now all machine manufacturers are facing a big problem.

Bear the cost of weight?

For machine manufacturers who, although 80% of its product components required no prices, but the memory, LCD screen, chassis and power supply and other key components of the price is substantially higher.

It is reported that memory, LCD panels, plastic and other raw material prices are mainly due to the impact of previous earthquakes in Japan. On the one hand, many related parts manufacturers affected by the earthquake caused an annual capacity of 2011 plummeted. On the other hand, the market demand is better with the rigidity, which resulted in periodic components in short supply, from May this year, prices continued to rise.

The LCD panel, for example, due to the upgraded 15-inch, 17 inch, 19 inch or larger screen, more and more business customers, resulting in the number of upstream manufacturers cut down the entire screen; the same time, including LCD TVs, including more and more consumer electronics and PC manufacturers as demand for the upstream manufacturers of LCD screen, also led to the manufacture of liquid crystal display glass substrate is facing the required short supply situation.

"Including Samsung, Philips, BenQ, TPV, and many other brands in the near future to adjust the price!" In response, IT industry analysts said.

The chassis, power supply prices generally rise from the upper reaches of the steel, aluminum and other raw materials prices to the conduction. "Metals, plastics, packaging materials, all in prices this year, with power supply upstream material first appeared a decade out of stock, Taiwan's five largest power supply manufacturers Delta, Lite-On, Glands, Phihong , FSP, etc. May have prices in another. "The industry analysts pointed out that Taiwan's notebook market share of power over Bacheng, PC, LCD TV power supply is also accounted for over half, almost half of the server's power supply, The wave power supply materials in short supply, will affect the end market shipments, such as the recent selling on the iPad was affected due to the charger out of stock.

In addition to soaring raw material prices, labor costs have increased significantly "worse." It is understood that, as China's new labor law to further regulate the labor system, which led to an increase in labor costs of plant components also contributed to rising costs is an important reason.

Statistics show that in 2010, almost all provinces have raised the minimum wage. In the first quarter, 13 provinces raised the minimum wage, the average increase of 20.6%. As of the end of March, the national monthly minimum wage the highest in Shenzhen City, 1320 respectively.

Prices, less material a two-pronged

With a variety of rising costs continue to squeeze profit margins, PC makers have also started the "Eight Immortals, recount ', seeking to break the road.

The most direct is the product price increases, further increases the costs to downstream. Aforementioned large domestic PC manufacturers insider told this reporter that in their company's products will increase by 3%. However, the source said, the long-term contract for large customers, the company will give a certain price protection, compression room for price increases, price increases will be lower than the company's average price increases of 30%.

At the same time, "some of the products of the chassis into a 20 liters from 25 liters, but the materials used does not change." The PC manufacturers insiders. As for the chassis cut material will affect the operational efficiency and service life of the computer problems, the person that should not have much impact on product quality.

In this regard, our reporter yesterday also consulted a more familiar computer hardware industry. He said the reduced capacity of the computer chassis cooling and ventilation will have some impact, may reduce the efficiency of the computer. "Of course, this also depends on the device's heat dissipation and design is reasonable." The person said.

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