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Shenzhen Geweite Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the development of the LCD module (LCD, LCM), design, service, production and sales. Professional skills, advanced equipment, strict management, reliable quality, providing customers with industrial-grade LCD products.
To provide customers with small and medium size LCD products in TN, HTN, STN, FSTN (LCDs); to provide customers with the patch, COB, COG, COF, the various forms of LCD module (LCM); effect to show excellent long-term reliable quality, the icing on the cake for our customers' products. Gweat LCD used in a wide range of temperature and humidity, electronic scales, multimeters, smart meters, water meters, gas meters; bank cash registers, electronic safe, cash register, stock machines, telephones, walkie-talkies; massage, running, fat analyzer; air conditioning, stereo, microwave ovens, remote control; machine learning, electronic dictionary, MP3, and calculator; NC tanker, IPC; gift, game consoles, calendar, clocks and other instruments, financial communications, health care, home electrical appliances, electronic commerce, industrial control field, and so on.
Standard products from the character class of 802-404 graphics classes from complete 12232-320240 categories, freedom of choice to provide customized non-standard services for customer service, in full accordance with customer demand, production and customer satisfaction, user-friendly products!

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