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HP CEO Apotheker: WebOS operating system license or sale

SAN FRANCISCO, June 2 morning news, Hewlett-Packard CEO Li Aike (Leo Apotheker), said HP plans to WebOS operating system is not only the system used in tablet PCs, smart phones and PC. He said HP plans to provide the WebOS system partners, helping them to provide users with mobile services.
 Apotheker D9 meeting Wednesday, said: "Many of our partners will use WebOS, they provide services to SMEs, I think, WebOS is a unique, excellent operating system, so should not only be used HP equipment. other companies will want to produce a variety of hardware devices and the devices connected to the Internet and we will help large enterprises and SMEs to achieve this goal. WebOS will also be used in a variety of HP equipment. "
 For HP it will be other vendors, such as HTC, sales WebOS system licensing issues, Apotheker said: "This is the question we are interested." WebOS HP director (Jon Rubinstein) Wednesday meeting in the high-pass Uplinq said that HP would not authorize large-scale sales WebOS system, but will consider a number of partners for doing so.

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