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Financial crisis struck Daren investment tips

"Skirt" theory: economic growth, women will wear short skirts, because the inside to show off the stockings; and when the economic downturn, women can not afford silk stockings, had to put long skirts. In Paris, just near the end of Fashion Week, when people see more and more short skirt Louis Vuitton always appeared in the T station, the fashion observers have worried about the how the clothing sold.
Not long ago, opened a northern suburb of Chicago called "the preparation of the budget better," seminar, teaching hotel poured into a 180 total How to listen to lectures in those difficult times living within our means. In the past the word frugal minds of many young people seem to come from Mars, and now, in this financial crisis, the "family shopping", "moonlight clan" have begun to slowly change their concept of a consumer.
The shadow of a global economic crisis, it can only tighten their belts over this difficult time it? Of course not, rational consumer does not mean "Stingy", not a conservative investment, do not forget to "Warren" Buffett has a saying: the fear of others, when greedy, greedy when others are fearful!
In fact, the financial crisis is not terrible as imagined, we can still feel at ease spending, according to the normal rhythm of life.
When the financial crisis struck, take a look around fashion people how to do: they crazy big purchase cheap products in online sales of foreign trade clothing, bargain hunting limited edition Rolex watch ... ... the turmoil as the eye, others, not only did not "bear", but more and more "bull", the thickness of a successful hold pockets also can be profitable, the contrarian investment perspective, is not it worth learning?
How to fashion consumption into consumption and investment, so a few fashionistas own experiences, both to teach you how to spend money more wisely bolder, not only can successfully recover the investment, but also significant surplus.
In many people's eyes, fashion is synonymous with consumption, and sometimes even the same as waste. As everyone knows, the global economic downturn, fashion investment can be stocks, funds and other financial products outside of the new choice. If you head is full or a question mark, investors may wish to refer to the experience of fashion.
Parity doubling a buying and selling big
Investors: Nicole, fashion editor
Input :200-2000 yuan
Rate of return: 50% -300%
SOHU network a "cheap big, buy or not buy?" Discussions, attracting a large number of users click on and respond. Discuss the result of a global rush to buy limited edition Diesel jeans news event - October 10, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of the brand, Diesel launched a called "Dirty Thirty" Denim jeans, and 390 yuan price sale . The news came out, almost triggered a global wave of looting line, Shanghai is no exception that day unlimited Diesel in the long queue in front of the store, one of today's respondents Nicole.
390 yuan DIESEL limited! Well-informed is the key
"I'm not 'rolling Naomeng' ah! Normal price calculation, Diesel jeans have sold the most basic models of 2000-3000 yuan, 390 yuan price is really too cheap, if you know do not buy is the biggest waste of ! "Although Nicole did not succeed in this rush to buy, but cheap big" battle "is still left a lot on her record. "Last year in the second half, Roberto Cavalli and H & M to launch fashion line, I was spending a total of 10,000 yuan to buy the accessories, jeans, shirts and underwear, but because of limited number, many Asian style of a single product for two days were robbed within a space, this way, I have become out of print genuine goods, linked to the Internet, the month will sell a total of earned 3,500 yuan.
Speaking of big investment in parity, Nicole said well-informed is the key. So, often looking through fashion magazines, fashion forum bubble is necessary. Nicole said that he once again shot, "H & M and the challenging, innovative, known for Comme des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo's fashion line launch on November 13 at the same time offering more than 200 stores worldwide, said a black selling only 900 yuan a small jacket, and hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to the positive line, just bad days to do. "
Two kinds of parity worth investing big
As a fashion editor, Nicole on the cheap big well known in the hidden opportunities. "With the 'level + your' mix style increasingly popular, more and more people want to spend big to buy low-cost This does not, more and more big names have also introduced a cheap single product, such as LV's never full, production group buying group, although the streets everywhere in its presence, but there is still a lot of people are willing to spend 4000 yuan it as their first brand-name bag. "
Another big is now a popular cheap affordable fashion brand High Fashion designers invited to the product. The name of "Design has nothing to do with the price" slogan, Karl Lagerfeld, Vicktor & Rolf, Roberto Cavalli and other masters who come to have cooperation with H & M, led craze. These are my investment opportunity. "Usually only the first of these series, the numbers are limited, so has a certain value.
[Investment experience]
1, the preservation of evidence when you look for investment goods, do not forget to preserve evidence, such as clothes tag, cash register or invoices must be kept intact, as in throwing, these are commodities verification of identity physical evidence, can quickly win the trust of buyers.
2, physical exercise is not only a good thing as you know, they are often double or even multiple of the effort needed to get it, stay up all night line up is a big challenge.
3, not all parity test of vision have big return on investment, Nicole has been lost. Original, H & M collaboration with Madonna before the launch fired a hot series, but the style is not suitable for Asians because, after, and not the expected sales target.
4, fast shipping to take advantage of all the media publicity, sales have not yet cleared the warmth lively, and quickly sell their investment products, the longer the time the more likely unmarketable.

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